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I love maps. I really do. Especially subway maps. They're so beautiful in their simplicity. I can stare at them for hours. With Mapuccino, I wanted to capture their simplicity in a more personal context: the intimate moments that make up people's lives. Do you love maps too? Read on!

Mapuccino As Seen in the Metro!

Can you guess
this famous couple?

Can you guess this couple?

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Above is a sample Mapuccino for some friends of mine, let's call them "Romeo" and "Juliet". The markers reflect the locations of key moments in their lives. They picked them out and I did the rest! Go ahead, explore the map to get a glimpse of the story behind each point. Want your own Mapuccino? Read on!

How To Get Your Own Mapuccino

Mapuccino Process
  Select the location of your markers on a Google Map and name them.   I use a variety of tools to design your map.   In about a week, your work of art is ready!  

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ. Lots of great info and a video.

Subway maps have long been a case study in reducing complexity to simplicity. The beauty of Raj's work is in adapting that technique from information design and using it in a storytelling context. His works appear simple, but the viewer inherently understands and appreciates that — just like a subway map — there's a far more complex, vibrant, lived reality behind the distilled overview. Whatever the subject matter, each piece prompts the viewer to ask questions and explore deeper into the story it depicts.

—Ornoth Liscomb

As Seen in the Metro!

Can you guess
this famous couple?

Can you guess this couple?

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