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Sample House Map
Whether your home is 150 years old or 50 years old, how about recognizing the joy its brought to your family and the families that dwelled in it before you? Framed subway line maps of your home's "family tree" are now available! A 7"x17" signed digital print is available for $30 (plus $5 U.S. shipping + handling) or $50 framed (local pickup only).

To order, fill out this form and email it to me at . If you need assistance, just ask!

How does one find out the history of their home? I've laid out the process I used in my city of Somerville, Massachusetts here. It can serve as a guide, but since every town's record-keeping is different, your best bet is to ask your local librarian. (Feel free to ping me with questions too!)

Offering this at a low intro price...

Prints: $35 $40
(+ $5 S/H)
  Framed Prints: $55 $60
(local pickup only)

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